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Financial Advice Process:

Our clients’ circumstances are all unique, so our financial planning process starts with your adviser spending time with you understanding what’s most important to you. A typical advice journey will look like this:

1. Discovery meeting (at PRP’s cost) – to get to know you and understand your financial goals. We will discuss our services and the process that will follow should we both agree to continue.

2. Collect detailed information so that we can research and provide analysis of options, financial possibilities and form the basis of our strategies and advice.

3. Recommendations are provided. In a meeting we present the strategies and recommendations in a personalised financial plan.

4. We implement your agreed plan, completing all required paperwork, closing of unrequired accounts and potentially liaising with government agencies on your behalf.

5. The final step is to monitor and review your plan. We recommend meeting at least once a year to review the progress and how appropriate it remains if any of your circumstances have changed, ensuring that you are on track to meet the goals that were set (and may evolve over time).

Retirement Planning

Planning your retirement, setting goals for your lifestyle and income, along with having annual check-ins with your adviser throughout your working life can provide the pathway for enjoying the financial freedom you have worked for.

If you are about to retire, or have recently retired, you will want to make sure that your investments – both superannuation and non-super are working for you.

There are many things to consider and things that can significantly impact your retirement income.

The advice is tailored to your circumstances and aimed at maximising your income, any government benefits and providing you with peace of mind.

Things we may consider:

  • Tax implications and minimisation
  • Centrelink eligibility
  • Transition to retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Succession planning
  • Aged Care

Investment & Superannuation

Choosing the right investments for you takes into account a few key considerations.

  • How long you are investing for?
  • How hands on do you want to be?
  • How much investment risk you are comfortable with?
  • We have access to fee comparisons and in-depth research to help you make these decisions.

Personal Risk Protection

We view personal risk protection as the ‘back-up’ plan for if you are unable to work through illness or injury, or if you die prematurely. Insurance can make sure your medical costs are covered, debt repaid and your family have financial security.

  • Income protection
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Total & permanent disability insurance
  • Key-person cover for partnerships and business

Aged Care Advice

Having a family member move into Aged Care is often a very difficult and emotional time. Adding to the difficulty is the many financial options and consequences, impacting the upfront and ongoing costs of care.

To allow you to focus on selecting the right facility with the right level of care and amenities, we will compare strategies and options on your behalf to provide the best financial outcome for now and future considerations.

Centrelink Advice

At PRP we offer you the option of acting as your Centrelink authority (as an auxiliary option) to liaise and update Centrelink on your behalf.

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