Our Services

Protect your Income

We can put in place an appropriate, cost-effective life insurance plan for you that protects your income if you’re temporarily or permanently unable to work through illness or injury, or if you die prematurely.

Insurance can make sure your medical costs are covered, your loans are paid out, your kids’ education is secured and your family is financially secure.

Build your Assets

Wealth Management is about financial freedom – building assets to give you a future income without working.

PRP can help you with tax-effective savings and investment plans that make the most of any Government incentives, to build your wealth – in both superannuation and non-super investments.

We can give you control over your investments, through tailored asset allocation, optimal contribution strategies and market-leading products.

Transition to Retirement

If you’re contemplating retirement in the next 5-10 years, you’ll need to know how to boost your super, pay of any residual loans, and access all available Government incentives and Centrelink benefits.

We can put all of that in place for you, and give you complete control over when you retire, and on what realistic level of income to see you through.

Retirement Planning

If you’re about to retire or have recently retired, you’ll want to make sure your investments – both superannuation and non-super – are working for you, so you can enjoy the financial freedom you’ve worked for.

We can help with a great retirement financial plan, that gives you control over your retirement income and the allocation of your investments, using tailored asset allocation and market-leading products.

PRP will also make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to from Government incentives and Centrelink benefits.

Aged Care

 Moving into Aged Care can be a financial minefield, with tax, income and asset impacts plus the requirement to meet Accommodation Deposit and Daily Care Fee requirements. There are questions about whether or not to sell your home and how it all affects your Centrelink entitlements and Estate Plans.

To allow you to focus on selecting the right facility with the right level of care and amenities, we’ll work out all the financial impacts for you. We’ll give you easy to understand options and work with you, your family and your Aged Care provider to give you peace of mind and a smooth transition.

Accounting Services

For Business

Tax planning advice can be critical to the success of your business. We have extensive experience in tax law and the opportunities it provides for your business – we can guide you through the maze of ownership structures as well as asset and cashflow planning. If property ownership is a key part of your business, effective tax planning for deductions, depreciation and incentives ensures you’re getting value from your property investments.

We provide a full accounting tax return service – whether you’re a sole trader, a partnership, a company or a trust, we can provide a complete accounting and tax return service with all reporting and lodging obligations covered.

Self-managed Super (SMSF)

We provide a full SMSF administration service, including all accounting reports and tax returns – fully audited.

With the myriad of rules surrounding SMSF, professional administration and reporting is key to meeting your Trustee obligations.

For Individuals

Tax planning advice is as important for individuals as it is for businesses. We provide a complete tax planning service, naturally with fast and easy lodgement of your tax return and refund.


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