Take your finance management to the next level

At PRP we are always looking for ways to make managing and understanding finances easier for our clients. In order to best understand your situation you need to have a holistic view of all your finances and protections. Enter MyProsperity…

MyProsperity is a web based portal available on your computer and mobile devices that enables you to bring your financial world into one central place making it easier to manage and record all aspects of your finances and wealth.

You can access your account across multiple devices and is secured via bank-level security within the platform.

Some of the helpful features that can help you include…

  • The ability to track and organise your income and expense transactions while monitoring your budget. This gives you a better understanding of where you can make improvements to reach your goals.
  • A place to store all your financial records and information, tax returns, insurances, wills and estate planning docs. They can all be kept in one place.
  • The Pro version* updates the values of your bank accounts, superannuation, shares and investments daily while your property and vehicle values are updated monthly. This is available for most products and is connected via direct portal links.
  • Setting and tracking your financial goals and objectives. This helps keep you on track to reach your finance goals whether that be to pay off your mortgage quicker or save for the holiday or investment.
  • Secure communication with your finance team through the ‘Rooms’ function. This allows messages and documents to be sent and stored securely while also having the ability for some documents to be signed electronically. This saves the need to print, sign, scan and return each individual document.

Access to MyProsperity is currently available through our Wealth Management packages.

Contact our friendly and professional staff today if you would like more information on the MyProsperity portal and how it can help you monitor your financial world.

*Additional costs may apply for Pro version.

The wealth portal is available across multiple devices.