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Tax Return Information Checklist for Individuals

To assist us in the preparation of your Tax Return could you please provide the following information.

  1. Details of any changes in residential/postal/email addresses, occupation, phone or fax numbers
  2. Payment Summaries (formerly Group Certificates), including superannuation and termination of employment details
  3. Details of any other earnings, eg. Allowances, commissions, sickness and accident insurance policy payments and superannuation pensions
  4. Centrelink Statements
  5. Details of New Start Allowance, Sickness Allowance, Exceptional Circumstances Relief payments, Austudy or other education allowances
  6. Details of Aged Pension or other benefit and allowances received from the Australian Government
  7. Details of exempt pensions received
  8. Bank Interest Received during the financial year
  9. Details of ALL bank accounts – Amount/Bank/Branch/Account Number and the name/s in which the accounts are held in
  10. Details of any tax deducted from gross interest earned
  11. Details of bank charges on interest-bearing accounts
  12. Investment Trust Distribution, please provide copies of Annual Tax Statement detailing the taxable components of distributions received from each fund
  13. Dividend Received
  14. Please provide all dividend notices supplied by companies
  15. Additionally, if you have participated in any dividend reinvestment schemes or received bonus shares, please provide full details of same
  16. Details of any tax deducted from gross dividends earned
  17. Partnerships and Trusts
  18. Full details of distributions received from any trust and/or partnership (if we do not prepare return)
  19. A list of expenses incurred in deriving these distributions, eg. investment materials purchased
  20. Details of any shares or rental properties acquired or sold during the financial year
  21. Rental Property details, see separate checklist
  22. Private Health Insurance Statement provided by fund
  1. Details of any Work Related Expenses and documentation supporting these expenses:
  2. union fees
  3. protective clothing and/or uniform and laundry expenses
  4. car mileage
  5. trade or business tools
  6. journals and/or subscriptions
  7. sun protection items
  8. home office expenses
  9. self education relating to current employment
  10. travel expenses – purpose of trip, accommodation, meals, transport costs
  11. Details of Other Expenses:
  12. income protection
  13. donations or gifts $2 and over, including to school building funds
  14. net medical expenses over $1,500 (after health fund and Medicare rebates).  Provide full details of expenditure for family on medical, dental and chemist together with full details of health insurance and Medicare refunds received
  15. Details of Interest and other charges paid on loans relating to Interest and Dividend Investments
  16. Spouse Details – Tax File Number, Date of Birth and Income details
  17. HECS/HELP Debt Account details received from the Australian Taxation Office together with details of any voluntary repayments
  18. Details of Instalment Activity Statements (IAS) lodged personally during the year

Any other information you consider relevant.